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Payroll Digitalisation
Through digitizing payroll functions, Markas HR (Pvt.) Ltd. incorporates procedures for risk mitigation, countering miscalculations and various issues associated with a contractor-based model of salary / wage disbursement. Through mitigation of our professional team, clients reduced administrative costs, saved time and moved towards less paper-work environment.

Change of business environment in Covid-19 times made this service highly relevant for industrial sector, factories and businesses. We have trained hundreds of workers to help them understand benefits of this transition, thus allowing them to receive their wages instantly and transparently into a digital account. We work to make systems stronger and healthier.
Technical Recruitment
Markas HR (Pvt.) Ltd. has fulfilled technical staffing requirements, for clients looking for the 'Right Fit'. With in-depth analysis of job descriptions, screening and interviewing candidates are all detail-oriented processes that form recruitment and staffing methodology., covering wide range of management tiers.
-Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
-Internal data-base search and publishing vacancy advertisements
-Soliciting, sorting and pre-screening of collected applications
-Interviewing in-person or video-conferencing and short-listing
-Scheduling dates for final interviews, in consultation with the client
Speed Training
Markas HR (Pvt.) ltd. unleashes the power of social-media to promote your brand name, Clients e-meet our T&OD experts, discuss speed-training methodology, and invest into training relevant today, generating returns. on investment. Stay ahead of the curve by customizing contemporary interactive trainings with our expert team.
- Training Need Analysis (TNA),
- Effective business communication
- Preparing staff for business diversification
- Exploring New Sales Techniques and Planning
- Performance Management, - HR Key Performance Indicators
- Customized training soft-wares and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions
Change Management Consultancy
Markas HR (Pvt.) Ltd. Change Management Consultancy ensures smooth and continued operations for clients diversifying scope of business, backed with predictive Internal Labor Market (ILM) analysis. Change Management Consultancy capitalizes on intangible resources - Knowledge and technical expertise.
- Company goal and value alignment
- Foreign Direct Investment issues
- Compliance and regulations
- Good corporate governance
- Company formation and registration

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