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HR Services

Payroll Outsourcing
Our payroll management services help improve firms' efficiency, helping managers stay focused on core business, reduce administrative costs, ensures greater compliance and speed up business processes. We manage complex employee administration functions, working to create value alignment, providing diverse and reliable HR solutions to keep up with changing business dynamics.
Advisory Services
We work through effective communication with top management to understand their priorities to be able to efficiently walk-the-talk.

• Compliance issues
• Company formation
• Good corporate governance
• HR and Regulatory Reforms
• Registration with govt. agencies
• Foreign Direct Investment issues
Corporate Soft-skills
Invest in your leadership pipeline through simulation-based and electronic learning solutions. Create future leaders by up-skilling employees through corporate soft-skills like time management, team-building, speed mentoring, communication, behavioral change and service excellence.
Strengthen your managers and update their social media, digital and cyber-security skills.
Executive Search
Unlock premium talent through a web of inter-connectivity. Our team will identify the best industry experts and technically skilled elite professionals. Consult us on employment packages to retain individuals who form the cornerstone of firm’s growth and development. We're here to help with bulk recruitment of workforce and build strong teams at various levels of organizational hierarchy.
HR Consulting
Consulting Services provide the comfort of having us assist you for specific business issues. In today’s globalized environment, our local as well as international team of experts guide you on business development, people strategy, policies and protocols, job descriptions, audits, facility management and reflect on how investing in HR could be a profitable business decision.

Capacity Enhancement

Enhance your managers capacity through outsourcing functions that require industry specific and technically sound experts. Industrial trends reflect that organizations and businesses these days prefer to hire top consultants with relevant experience to help teams achieve set goals.

Time Conservation

Are you spending more time in managing staff and dealing with administrative issues than on future strategy for ROI? Time conservation is an evident outcome and frees-up your staff that is currently being pulled into hiring and maintenance functions and focus more on strategic sales and growth goals.

Reduced Costs in Bulk Hiring

We can negotiate better rates for business units because of our large pool of clients and resource base available. It can keep the cycle running smoothly through contractual hiring for a suitable time period. We monitor the set protocols and suggest ways to best deal with work-force issues.

Reduced Probability of Unionized Staff

With Markas advising your teams on organizational development issues, helping them make timely decisions and overcoming challenges, especially those pertaining to people and processes, the chances of labor union formation are curtailed.

Annual Audits and Labor Compliance Checks

We advise on overcoming critical checks and balances related to work place safety and security gaps. Moreover, our team can assist in planning and executing successful walk-through sessions with your local and international clients, reflecting compliant work-force policies.

Screening and Back-Ground Checks of New Recruits

Companies are becoming more conscious of verifying employees' background and screening of potential candidates, This is done to confirm accuracy of references, reducing risks and exposure to fraudulent elements.