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HR Services

Employee Outsourcing
Markas HR Employee Outsourcing services help improve firms' efficiency, helping managers stay focused on core business, reduce administrative costs, ensures greater compliance.

Our employee outsourcing service effectively relieves the management of client organizations from day to day HR operations management issues, saving their time and enabling them to take
correct decisions in right directions by focusing on more strategic and value adding initiatives.

Key areas of outsourced employment services include the following:

Payroll Administration:
• Processing of salaries / wages and remuneration packages
• Direct Bank Deposits
• Cashless wages disbursement through pay cards (for unbanked workers)
• Income tax management for employees, Monthly Tax Compliance & Filing
• Leaves Management
• Payroll Updates, Deductions, Advances, overtimes
• Field Force Expense Management
• Terminal benefits management
• Monitoring the tax laws and applying changes

Employee Benefit Administration and Relations:
• Administration of employee benefit programs, medical benefits / Insurance management
• Other Voluntary Insurance Products
• Satisfying EOBI, social security
• Indemnifying the client organization from all statutory and legal obligation

Human Resource Management:
• Recruitment and induction
• Prerequisite handling, Employee Application Forms
• Personnel File Maintenance
• Communication with Employees
• Performance appraisal result coordination
• Staff survey and motivational analysis
• Training needs analysis and facilitation
Facility Cleaning Services
Choosing the right cleaning service for your facility can be a daunting venture. At MARKAS®, we have specialized human resource with years of experience in Pharmaceutical and commercial cleaning projects. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we can develop a specific site plan aimed at satisfying all of your cleaning needs.

“Our goal is to clean each Client facility professionally and safely”.

MARKAS® provide all labor, supervision, to assure performance of specified cleaning services for the Client.
Schedule of Service
MARKAS® perform cleaning services 6 days per week. The cleaning crew observes holidays as observed by the client organization.
Adequate personnel and supervisions are furnished to ensure quality services.
Cleaning Supplies
The Client will furnish all consumable products, if desired MARKAS® can provide consumable product with built in cost in the quotation, when required.
Special Services
Any special cleaning including but not limited to fumigation, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, and scrubbing, exterior windows cleaning will be quoted upon request.
Learning Interventions
Create future leaders by up-skilling employees through corporate soft-skills like time management, team-building, speed mentoring, communication, behavioral change and service excellence. We offer Industry’s best learning interventions customized to our clients requirements. We provide finest Trainers / Consultants for the Management & Leadership Development needs of client organization.

In order to bring about a measurable change in performance, we believe a structured approach is essential. We use of the following steps for customized training:

1. Assess training needs
2. Set training objectives
3. Prepare and organize training content
4. Select training methods and prepare materials
5. Organize and deliver the training course
6. Develop evaluation strategy
Executive Search
Unlock premium talent through a web of inter-connectivity. Our team will identify the best candidate as per your organizational core values and technical specification.

We’re here to help with recruitment process outsourcing and targeted search and build strong teams at various levels of organizational hierarchy.

The scope of work in executive search service includes;
Executive Search Process:
• Understand position & specifications
• Understand client requirements
• Prepare a Search plan
• Screening (matching) CV’s, interviews
• Short-list and send to client
• Seek feedback from client
• Assist clients with selection tools with customized behavioral and technical aptitude assessment
• Coordination with client & candidate
• Job Offer
• Candidate Sourcing:

Resourcing Candidates
• Existing Database
• Social Networks
• Networking
• Referrals – existing Candidates
• Functional Associations (ICAP, ICAP, PEC etc.)
• Newspapers (If requested by Client)
HR Consulting and OD Solutions
Markas HR specializes in developing customized suite of Organization Development and Effectiveness solutions which is based on the operational models of the client organization.

The areas we cover are as follows:
• Defining, Mission, Vision and Core Values Alignments
• Develop and Roll Out Competency Based Frame Work
• Organization Redesign & Structuring
• Change Management Organization Culture Building
• HR Compliances (HR Manual and Process and Policies)
• Compensation and Benefits
• Performance Management Process
• Guidelines for job objectives/ descriptions
• Talent Management Process
• Rewards Management Process

Capacity Enhancement

Enhance your managers capacity through outsourcing functions that require industry specific and technically sound experts. Industrial trends reflect that organizations and businesses these days prefer to hire top consultants with relevant experience to help teams achieve set goals.

Time Conservation

Are you spending more time in managing staff and dealing with administrative issues than on future strategy for ROI? Time conservation is an evident outcome and frees-up your staff that is currently being pulled into hiring and maintenance functions and focus more on strategic sales and growth goals.

Reduced Costs in Bulk Hiring

We can negotiate better rates for business units because of our large pool of clients and resource base available. It can keep the cycle running smoothly through contractual hiring for a suitable time period. We monitor the set protocols and suggest ways to best deal with work-force issues.

Reduced Probability of Unionized Staff

With Markas advising your teams on organizational development issues, helping them make timely decisions and overcoming challenges, especially those pertaining to people and processes, the chances of labor union formation are curtailed.

Annual Audits and Labor Compliance Checks

We advise on overcoming critical checks and balances related to work place safety and security gaps. Moreover, our team can assist in planning and executing successful walk-through sessions with your local and international clients, reflecting compliant work-force policies.

Screening and Back-Ground Checks of New Recruits

Companies are becoming more conscious of verifying employees' background and screening of potential candidates, This is done to confirm accuracy of references, reducing risks and exposure to fraudulent elements.